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Dark Phoenix / Art Print / X-Men #135

$25.00 / Sold Out

Limited-edition art print that is a reinterpretation of Dark Phoenix from The Uncanny X-Men #135!

The Dark Phoenix Saga for me, is an allegory for transforming from an
innocent girl into an empowered and assertive woman. Before this series the comic rarely acknowledged her relationship with Scott Summers/Cyclops aside from an occasional chaste kiss. By the end, the couple are obviously having sex (unprotected too) and she is eating worlds. To show that change I thought of Jean as a punker who just turned 18 and gets her whole chest tattooed. Instead of her costume changing, she is changing her skin and using that to empower herself and declare her independence. Issue 135 of The Uncanny X-Men focused on Jean Grey's final change from Phoenix to Dark Phoenix. She is not a good girl gone bad. She is a good girl who just does not care anymore.

Size: 18 x 24 (standard frame size)
Colors: 4
Paper: Archival white French paper
Condition: Mint
Signed and Numbered


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